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Mini-trip ahead!

I had a really shit week, to say the least. It was full of awful emails and stupid tasks and arguments and cumulated in not sleeping well at all and definitely not enough all week. Anyway, so my mom proposed to visit next weekend, when we are already busy in the evening (and I would prefer to not run around and have to get up early in the morning if possible), before she leaves to Bolivia for a month. I asked her to come this weekend, given that it would be more comfortable in my apartment and all, but she had plans. She came through and the beaus only reply was "oh good that I didn't book a hotel then, I wanted to surprise you with a trip to Holland, but I couldn't find anything that was both decent and reasonably priced". This had me pouting and I decided to ask my colleague for "her" hotel, which the beau liked and he sent them an email asking if a double was available this weekend. They didn't have anything (only rooms with no own bathroom and shower, which the beau didn't want), so it was back to square one and thinking we could go in two weeks. Meanwhile I had asked at work whether I could stay away on Monday, too and the beau came up with the idea that we could drive to the German north sea where we had been almost five years ago, which would cost for two nights what we would pay in Holland. So that's the plan now, they gave us a room with separate beds, but it was their last. I'm not thrilled, but also at the point where I don't care, I think we really need to treat ourselves to this.

I'm sure we can put the beds together and if not it will be a really cuddly weekend. I hope the weather is somewhat decent and looking forward to our first proper holiday/getaway/mini-break in five years. Until we leave it will be somewhat stressful though. I have to go and do some grocery shopping, so that we have a) dinner for me tonight and some bread and sausage for the beau for when he arrives in the night and b) breakfast for tomorrow and dinner for Monday evening. Then I have to tidy everything up, pack my bags and also for the beau - at least whatever is available. He will wash his clothes after he arrives at two am. Poor thing.  


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I am so tired and cannot wait to go home. I barely slept last night. The beau got up and left and I had a hard time falling back asleep. I fell asleep rather angry, too, because the beau managed to not only break a mobile that I had asked him to hang up for nine months and then throw it away rather than wait for me to come home and decide whether I can fix it or not (I am sure I would have been able to, you cut the strings and hang the whole damn thing up again, big deal), but he also managed to lose our wedding present, the piccolino that we used to carry around heavy things. I mean the mobile was like nine euros (and still really majestic), but I had really been looking forward to more decoration in our apartment and I got it on sale, too. Plus they no longer sell them at IKEA, so no way to replace it either. :( 

The Piccolino is worth 114 euro and I'm majorly pissed that we are going to have to buy a new one given we live in the car-free zone and all... :( I never used the thing when I was on my own, but it was convenient to have around in case I might need it to transport big cases of drinks and groceries. I bet now that it is gone, I will need to use it all the time... We used it on weekends when doing our big grocery shopping trip and it was highly convenient to transport all sorts of things... Now we will be back to being dependent on the times that the mobiltity central is open, which frankly they have been neglecting. We often stood around on a Saturday at 18:30 and they had already gone home even though they are supposed to work till 19:00. Above all it's the emotional value it had for me though. Every time I looked at it, it made me smile, because it was given to me for my wedding. :( 

The beau has been refusing to pack regular bags, but carries his clothes and everything around with him in moving boxes, claiming that people will be less likely to break into the car when they see boxes rather than bags. So he uses the Piccolino all the time, too. I understand his concern, because they broke into his colleagues brand new car one evening to rob her sports bag which contained nothing but her toothbrush and underwear - she was going to spend the night at her boy friends, but I think if you want to break in, you will go for the kill regardless of whether it is a bag or a box, in both cases you do not know what is in it and will hope to find something expensive and/or money... Anyway, so he took his stuff in the boxes on the piccolino to the car and then loaded up the car and forgot about the Piccolino, leaving it on the street to then drive off to get me. It was gone when he realized yesterday evening that he had left it there. So now on top of everything I get to waste my free evening with hanging up flyers around the neighbourhood, hoping someone will return it... GAH. Can you tell I'm in a bad mood?

I had actually planned on getting my eyes measured after work and to finally get my glasses made (because we found a frame yesterday evening, but they were too close to closing, so they told me to come back, SUCKERS!), but now I will head straight home from work and then head out again to put up those effing flyers, so that people will see them sooner than later... I mean the area that people could have potentially carried it to is huge, so it will take a while before I am done.

Not that I have my hopes up or anything, I just think I should be doing something so that maybe it is returned to us. It is still way beyond me how someone can lose something that large. I know how it happened, too. The door to the trunk of our car has been broken all winter. The cold has been merciless and even though the beau fixed it once and we have been following the instructions of the british Mitsubishi forum users, it broke again this weekend (so that we couldn't get our bathroom furniture at IKEA as planned on Saturday, because there would have been no way to put them into the car - can you tell we had a good weekend?). I bet he got all distracted and angry because it was still broken and his attempts to fix it yet again didn't work and got into the car, leaving the Piccolino behind...

There's also been some things about work, which I can't post here, that have been really bothering me. They are quite disturbing actually and we're all more or less quite frustrated and in shock.  So I think that has been contributing to my bad mood a lot, too. Plus that I am really tired today and my back is hurting and all I want to do is go home and have a bath instead of having to run around in this effing cold that will not go away... :(


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